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Shenzhen labour be paperinged cutter spills company of 10 thousand families oil

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"Everybody did 10 years of above, others has so much, he why so little? The affirmation in old Zhong Xin feels inequitable. He is burned oneself in the company is not to take money, he is for the heart in at a heat

Property of 10 thousand families serves the Shenzhen that happens to burn incident oneself office of building of limited company office

Shenzhen spills oil to be burned oneself in office building of staff of 10 thousand divisions

Doubt leaves his post for dissatisfaction the person that gold crosses the one manager inside small office to also be burned oneself holds burn in arms

Yesterday morning, 10 thousand family property of Shenzhen city serve limited company inside, vacate ball of a conflagration suddenly. A bell that works more than 9 years in this company surnames male employee, doubt leaves his post because of dissatisfaction compensation is low, spill benzine to be burned oneself inside the company to oneself unexpectedly, taking conflagration to develop manager room, hold in arms surname manager, bring about two people to be the same as by burn. After company staff extinguishs fire with fire extinguisher, the two person that hurt are sent 2 hospital cure of city. When morning reporter distributes news dispatches, cut stops up to now, because body burn area exceeded 90% ,the bell surnames a man, have not break away from life danger; surname manager the condition of an injury is opposite lighter, do not have life danger at present.

[The spot is witnessed]

"Ball of a conflagration is abrupt thrill through "

Accident place is located in lotus of area of cropland of Shenzhen city blessing edifice of rich lotus of village of street lotus north the something estate company of 3 buildings. Yesterday midday, when the reporter receives a newspaper to arrive, company glass entrance door already lock, 4 are worn the man that confuses colour to take is defended in the doorway, the benzine flavour of anxious paste was full of in air. Inside vitreous door inky, did not open electric lamp. One staff of this company says, he was not in a company in the morning, the colleague listening to say after is gentleman of old stuff bell spills benzine inside the company, ignite with lighter, burn oneself mix surname manager.

Afternoon, the reporter understands a situation again. What from the company the entrance is in is downstage on the side toward in go, have ten meters long corridor. It is on the right side of corridor, book of a wolf inside office of a manager, moved the file on desk and notebook computer all are hit by water wet, leather chair forehead has the apparent mark that be burned. Firm office staff says, surname manager is held in arms by bell gentleman here namely of burn. Just finished from lotus police station note a when return downstage staff member expresses, in the morning 11 when much, the member that she is protecting clean with downstage explains the job, see suddenly have a conflagration ball thrill through, enter the office area inside. She just knows later, it is bell gentleman irrigates oil toward the body at the same time, at the same time light fire is gone to in strong, whole process has 34 seconds of time only.
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