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In cold blood service of advertising of convict of concoctive China cruel person

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Photograph of advertisement of a group of disgrace China is circulating on the net. " recently, this message travels extensively in Chinese student studying abroad of France.

The Chinese Dong Ming that in France Rance works also saw this group of ad, he tells a reporter, this group of photographs still knocked gently cupreous lion award is gotten on section of accept international advertisement in what just end actually, "The photograph is by TBWA (Li Dai moxa) ad firm designs. "The photograph is by TBWA (Li Dai moxa) ad firm designs..

Firm of ad of Li Dai moxa designs this group " disgrace China " advertisement included 3 pieces of pictures, chose archery, swim, weight lifting the picture of these 3 projects, borrow project of Olympic Games sports to come to suggestive China mistreat convict. The convict that the sense that the picture gives a person is China is sufferring impersonal torment.

Borrow Olympic Games project to reveal " cruel convict "

For instance, be in " archery " in project advertisement, convict of a China was bound to be on arrow target, his slouch head, there is bandage on the head, there is bloodstain on wind, the station is in aside hold a gun police all over the face complacent.

In " swim " in project advertisement, what appear in natatorium is not natant player, however two polices that wear an uniform, they press the head of convict put forward again in water, and convict expression is very painful, sword arm has apparent scar.

And be in " weight lifting " in project advertisement, a female convict is wearing dirty convict to take, wearing darby anklet, be gotten on in barbell by fasten, knee place has apparent bruise and bloodstain, appear very helpless. In every advertising right next horn, all with " after the Olympic Games, the battle that strives for human rights is sure to continue " model of written characters.

"Too furious, really furious arrive without language. " this groups of photograph hind see on the net, clean of cropland of Canadian student studying abroad tells " international pioneer gazette " . Also the netizen points out, "Advertisement architect is apparently with ' the actor is placed pat ' means undertakes making a holiday. The cruel convict setting that photograph place reveals, the subjective conjecture that is out amnesty international and advertisement architect apparently and concoctive. The subjective conjecture that is out amnesty international and advertisement architect apparently and concoctive..

Amnesty international entrusts a design

Firm of ad of Li Dai moxa ranks the world in global total turnover at present the 9th, the world well-known company such as Adidasi, apple all is its client. This company makes the stigmatize China that can'ts bear so " Olympic Games advertisement " , the employ of its backside person the amnesty international that playing human rights banner just about. On Anti-cnn.com website, the name is " air is rare " the netizen took the lead in disclosing this information, "These advertising are entrusted just is amnesty international " .
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