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Photograph of Zhang Chao of Yunnan university murderess and data (group plan)

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Zhang Chao photograph

According to villager introduction, the suspect is here the place body heavy river, the thing is lain between much in the future, float in the river have a sack, draw the curiosity of passerby.

Case hair is much in the future, the river side of heavy dead body still has one caboodle to had used balata glove.

Villager introduction, this is the house of native place of wooden grand chapter, but inside had done not have a person 6 years.

Zhang Chao is this university is big 2 students.

This is the netizen is stuck those who come out, it is the female undergraduate Zhang Chao that is raised by the bag as it is said.

Zhang Chao: Female, 19 years old, economy of institute of culture of Yunnan university travel fastens industrial and commercial managing major is big 2 students.

Is the Zhang Chao in the life how a person? "Average woman student. " a lot of students say so. With her a schoolboy of acquaintanceship says, she is not the sort of length very beautiful very active in campus perhaps the sort of, dress up picture a few otherer style is compared like the schoolgirl, but not " jump " , either very halfback, a lot of people are after the accident ability knows Zhang Chao this name.

After tourist guide Xu Min exceeds afterwards Jilin to chop 20 passerby madly, gu Chengli river produces malign event again recently. Institute of culture of Yunnan university travel 19 years old big 2 schoolgirls Zhang Chao, wait for a person with her boy friend, raise the package cadaver of her place is great killing, cent, use DV whole journey to film.

Have person for " Yunnan university female Ma Jiajue " .

Be in a society the undergraduate of transition period, its psychology state is worth to pay close attention to, and this matter also exposes an independent institute to be in fast dilate, problem of existence of a lot of to student education, management respect. Next examining is put in doubt to be the background that teachs industrialization, benefit somewhat to whole education system probably.

The message says, the wood when two people tryst is right piece have mistreat behavior. Additionally the message says, wood ever was in piece before show off him to have a piece of many yuan 300 bank card.

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