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On October 6, 2008, baidu government announces, the board of directors appoints Li Yinan formally to be Baidu CTO, direct Xiang Liyan grand report, shan of Cui Shan of Dan of Guo of Yu Jun of vice-president of cheap of Zhang Wei of Baidu chief scientist, product, advanced CTO, advanced CTO, report to Li Yinan.

After the message comes out, industry in an uproar.

Li Yinan is used " need time is familiar with company and business " for to order for guests to leave of all reporter make known to lower levels, baidu says, the uneasiness inside 3 months discharges what Li Yinan accepts any forms to interview.

The Li Yinan that appears on media with talent identity all the time two into China after doing it, choose to leave again, what to happen after all among this? Be by what CEO plum Yan Hong weighs Baidu " legend " he, be what to kind of aspiration taking to join in after all Baidu? What can he bring for Baidu?

Road of Hua Weijiang lake

Low-key Li Yinan never has mentioned in open circumstance almost China for. It is this begins him to dream probably, accomplish him " talent " the enterprise of renown date has really to him too too mixed feeling, it is probably " Yi Shiyi father " had happened between Ren Zhengfei and him too too complex story, have at present according to the data that can examine in, li Yinan is in only 2000 with " interior does poineering work " means leaves China the expression on bed send off congress crosses him to be opposite China bed affection.

"China the CISCO that be is China not only, and more should outstanding. Because did not see in China enough and formidable competitor is OK,resemble browbeating in the United States menace China is like CISCO. China be is ability of oneself of play of Chinese IT talent best arena and growing environment. Interior poineering company (namely the harbour network later) plan... center a few with China the product of the other firm that did not conflict for the product if switching equipment of network of firewall, aether, server and all sorts of application software, undertake content software is developed further. Undertake content software is developed further..

On December 27, 2000, li Yinan holds for oneself in Ren Zhengfei " send off congress " go up right China to make afore-mentioned assessments, explain oneself establish the reason of harbour network.

In May 2001, the harbour pushs out to have brand product, from China bed agential change is China bed competitor. Stem from pair of bilateral understanding, harbour network of Li Yinan moves to be chosen allowed China for the most fatigued and weak the gate of vitality, chance of give first priority to is taken in competition, and 2003 the end of the year begins a plan to appear on the market in NASDAQ.

The way that the thing begins to allow to be not place to not be willing to see forward eventually develops.

"There are 1800 much people when the harbour is most, once was in for the most part China for the job. If the harbour appears on the market successfully, the temptation of period authority will be become let China embarrassed with susceptive black hole.
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