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Anonymous nobody can see strange word on female cadaver arm clew of Beijing poli

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Near side road of capital airport high-speed dash forward now anonymous female cadaver, and there is triliteral to tattoo mysteriously on the arm, two many months come the policeman tattooes to defeat solution cost used up idea, still empty-handed. Yesterday, sunny police announces the tattoo design on female cadaver arm external, offer a reward collects clue 10 thousand yuan.

Anonymous female cadaver Jing shows roadside

This year on August 3 morning 9 when, be located in sunny area Cui in the brushwood of the greenbelt of the road of airport high speed near village of Gao of north of each village countryside, dash forward show anonymous female cadaver, after sunny police receives a reply, hurry to the spot instantly, discovery wears the vest that has malic pattern on the dead, the private parts wears blue motion shorts, light color briefs is worn inside, height is controlled 150 centimeters, the age comes 17 years old 30 years old or so, long hair, plunge into gules string for binding a plait, left antebrachium thorn has literal tattoo. And the dead's body is cankered already, body ministry has a knife wound. Police figures time of the dead's death is the around at the beginning of this year July. Police passes the DNA inside extraction dead body, with whole town information of be lost female undertakes comparing is opposite doing not have discovering according with since June.

Broken solution tattooes in March not if really

"On the dead's body besides triliteral tattooes, not other any valuable clew. " the tattoo inn that counterproposal of case group policeman discovers field is circumjacent undertook visitting, the staff member was examining tattoo inn express after the tattoo photograph on the dead's arm, had not seen these 3 words, and degree of finish of this tattoo line is inhomogenous, should not out tattoo inn, resembling is him dead of article. The time of a many month, the policeman visited the shop of nearly 30 tattoo inside sunny area.

To clear up tattoo triliteral meaning, the policeman comes to center of information of character of Ministry of Education, but two words after was not being found. Hear when the policeman the Guangdong local someone that says colloquialism knows the 3rd word, then the policeman is driven instantly go to Guangdong, local old person expresses to there is in colloquialism 3 words, read aloud in place " goose " (2 tonetic) , but still do the implication that does not understand this word. To inquire the 2nd word and triliteral meaning, the policeman visited and other places of Hubei, Guangxi again subsequently be stationed in Beijing to do an orgnaization, the time of two many months went, but empty-handed still.

Police collects experience case clue

Police collects experience case clue to the society now, if be opposite this case know the inside story or the situation that witness case happening, know the body is true of the content meaning of character of the identity, tattoo divide detachment of bureau punishment detect to contact with sunny public security instantly please, like what offer clew can help public security mechanism uncover a case, public security mechanism will reward a RMB to informing against a person 10 thousand yuan.
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