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Wang Yongqing dies in the beauty: ?3 of tiny fragments of stone year old bequest

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According to Taiwan TVBS report, have in Taiwan " management god " Mr Wang Yongqing, jing is passed die of illness, enjoy life 93 years old, nevertheless he is not in Taiwan this land leaves, and die of illness American Xin Zexi, cardinal principle will pass through long flourish aviation to carry a station tonight, the family member is astonished, sad relative.

Report, because Wang Yongqing worries about the concussion of American finance storm to Taiwan, madam and children are being taken to head for the United States to inspect subordinate product line and delivery room in 11 days, did not think of to be in the beauty east time is sent into Xin Zexi 15 days in the morning a hospital, failed because of heart lungs 9:38 and die, enjoy life 93 years old. < advertisement>

Wang Yongqing was born in Taipei city in January 1916, 15 years old of discontinue one's studying are become apprentice, 16 years old opened a rice store, rely on to be mixed attentively stand firm conscientiously, established 1954 stage model company.

The stage model group after 50 years has been the civilian battalion company with the biggest Taiwan, employee 70 thousand much person, capital total 1.5 trillion new station money, he brought up be worthy of the name for Taiwan " regnal " , what manage nowadays is magical, die.

Dong Senxin hears a report to say, employee of stage model Xin Zexi has confirmed relevant message, headquarters of stage model company also will hold a press conference later, explain Wang Yongqing make funeral arrangement handles matters concerned.

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