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Clothings strings together color to handle simple purify way

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Clothings fade, stringing together color, coloring is cleaners special headachy thing. Want to avoid the occurrence of these phenomena, clothings is answered to undertake be differentiatinged meticulously before wash, accomplish depth departure. If be in,catch go up in other clothing and other articles of daily use, to general and slight coloring, use be soiled to brush dip in the 4 chloric ethylene that go up clean are brushed gently but take out. If coloring is heavier, should put into dry-clean machine to be washed 1 times repeatedly with clean fluid as soon as possible, the clothings that be caught can restore unvarnished. When some clothings are handled afore with respect to fade, dry-clean around occurrence chromatism, this should differentiate clothings whether shrink, be like not shrink, can buy a few colour to bleach pink to make up solution, immerse clothings in solution, clothings can restore basically unvarnished.

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