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Ball valve brief introduction

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Ball valve is main the advantage is as follows:
Apply to often operate, open shut rapid, light.
1.Fluid resistance is little.
2.The structure is simple, opposite volume is minor, weight is light, facilitating maintenance.
3.Sealed performance is good
4.Do not accept the restriction that installs direction, the flow direction of medium but random.
5.Without vibration, noise is little.
Ball valve is main weakness is as follows: Ball valve can divide by configuration for: Float ball valve, fixed ball valve, stretch ball valve and oil seal ball valve; Can divide by the passageway for straight can type, part pattern and 3 general formula, 3 general formula can be divided again for T form and L form two kinds. By join square labour can be divided join, flange joins and solder for whorl type type 3 kinds.
Ball valve installation and safeguard should notice the following item:
1.Want to take the place that handle having a powerful person rotates
2.Cannot use as reduce expenditure.
3.Take the ball valve of main transfer machinery to answer erect installation.

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