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Clothings sends grey issue mediumly in dry-clean process

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Often the user raises question: Why can be ash sent after dry-clean of light color clothings? They often think " why the cleaner that I use firm distill washs white clothings, does clothings send ash all the same? " this basically is caused.
In dry-clean process, the bilge on the clothings below the action of mechanical power is washed to fall by eliminate and enter dry-clean oil, the one part in these bilge is solubility bilge, another part is cannot the graininess bilge of dissolve, because attrition transcends report and surface of the fabric below the action in mechanical power forms charge, and cannot meet on the graininess bilge of dissolve the charge that forms contrary report sex, because dry-clean dissolvent is right the suspension time of bilge is very additionally short, so if cannot be quite inside very short time the word graininess bilge purify, the formal firmly ground that the graininess bilge of electrified carry on one's shoulder can bolt with the element adheres to in fabric surface, what this kind of phenomenon calls dirt is again deposit, can make clothings sends ash so, once produce very difficult purify.
The method that solves this problem is the dry-clean Jian oil that adds certain amount in dry-clean process, it has admirable catharsis effect and emulsification function not only, more have fight electrostatic ability, make fabric gifts favorable feel result, a lot of cleaners think to want frequent distill to be able to solve a problem only, but in fact, meet those who cause direct management cost rise on one hand, on the other hand, old experience tells us, if do not use dry-clean Jian oil, perhaps forever inextricability also this problem, also can never make the client achieves the result that expect is less than.

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