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The main function method of differentiate dry-clean machine

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No matter dry-clean machine is open type engine or whole sealing machine, what people place cares is above all: Whether wash clean clothings, can damage clothings; Can produce environmental pollution. Actually this is the main function of dry-clean machine only. In Chinese occupation standard " dry-clean machine " in made specific provision to the function index of dry-clean machine, basically include following a few fields:

1. Abluent degree: Show dry-clean machine is abluent the ability of clothings. Normally two kinds determine method: It is range estimation law firstly; It is mensuration of standard pollution cloth secondly. The Xian only case that range estimation law is the bilge after observing through range estimation wollens clothings passes dry-clean undertakes judging, it is factitious before catharsis ground commonly in wollens garment

Bilge is made on content, undertake dry-clean next, observe the abluent condition of the bilge on the clothings after classics dry-clean. The standard determines is seam cloth of standard wollens pollution on standard test specimen to undertake dry-clean. Determine respectively contaminative cloth is worth in the whiteness of catharsis around, reach through computation abluent spend judgement percentage. This numerical value makes clear higher abluent it is better to spend, and numeric itself does not have real significance, if 42 % are not to represent clothing and other articles of daily use can abluent 42% , the test that this is a kind of science does · law, the catharsis of the catharsis craft that presses a regulation, regulation has catharsis experiment and judgement below solvent and other and relevant condition, but test process

More complex, at present home returns wollens pollution cloth not. Can produce, the standard wollens that abroad is production of use United States pollutes cloth. So, have a test when new machine appraisal only commonly.

2. Wear rate: It is to show dry-clean machine is in catharsis process to clothings wear away degree, have range estimation law and way of standard fabric pressure test commonly method of two kinds of tests. Range estimation law needs a clothings successive catharsis 20 cycle, undertake judging through collecting mass of desquamation downy amount and surface of range estimation clothings; Knit

Content pressure test law is seam standard sample in degree on successive catharsis after 40 cycle, determine respectively the intensity of its catharsis around makes judgement, determine cycle is long, experiment method is complex. Considering above test of two kinds of meanses compares difficulty, carry out not easily, so we are when work out occupation standard, grind

Caustic leads catharsis of translate into of this function index to turn basket to clothings wear away action, carry out a proof, should ensure only basket inside smooth pitch of the surface, can ensure dry-clean opportunity is right the wear rate lowest of clothings. Use polyamide fibber fabric to grind directly commonly examination law undertakes checking judging. With bubble of a 100 X 100 X 50
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