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Of red wine be soiled clean a method

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On the dress if touch wine be soiled, must spot dealing.
If wine be soiled is achromatic (the besmirch) of the wine that be like Qing Dynasty or beer and so on, should use the cloth that touched water to pat it above all except, pat gently with the cloth that is stained with neuter abluent next, reoccupy touched the cloth of water to divide abluent mop.
If time procrastinates so that owed, can drip in the addend on cloth (vinegar) with (ammonia) be in light light rap in besmirch next.
Or with comparing the acetic acid of one and alcohol, add eightfold aqueous solution, with squeeze dry wet towel to pat wash;
Yi Ke uses the borax warm water of 2% , bedew cloth, pat slowly in besmirch place.
When if dress touched bishop be soiled, need to use the methodological processing that differs with beer be soiled again, because bishop be soiled contains pigment, when bedew dress, can leave spot. Purify just is shown is to use asperse essence of life and ammonia water half-and-half wet close, daub is kneaded at contaminative place wash. Perhaps touch salt water to knead mop with cloth first again, next reoccupy twists the towel that worked to wipe, but decontamination.
But to already having the besmirch of a paragraph of day, must want to use wipe of acetic acid water, if pigment is returned not fade is dropped, want to be blanched with bleacher.

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