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With the truth of clothings of cold leach bubble

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It is before catharsis, you had better put clothing and other articles of daily use inside cold water to immerse a little while. Such doing, in can make the dirt of substance appearance mixes adherent Yu Yi to sweat fluid breaks away from clothings and enter water, can improve the catharsis quality of clothings already so, OK and managing scour. The 2 osmosis that will can make water, catharsis fluid is entered to get bulgy adequately before in fabric, also make the bilge in cloth eye suffers squeeze and float at cloth cover, easily eliminate. It is easy to have still prison of a few baths spends very poor lubricious cloth decolour, immerse beforehand can discover these problems in time, so that be in catharsis with be being adopted in the process beforehand hamper measure.
Immerse the water quantity of the dress wants enough, immersing time wants a foundation the breed of clothings, material, new old, dirty reach colour fastness to decide completely.

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