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Of 11 kinds of cloth iron very hot skill

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Cashmere goods: Air is used after in lukewarm (140 Celsius are controlled) electric steam electric iron is whole very hot, electric iron and cashmere sweater leave 0.5, the distance of 1cm, avoid by all means is pressed above.

Be out of shape pants: The time that trousers wears grew, knee place regular meeting is wrapped to come by a tom-tom since the top, plant to this already metabolic trousers, had better use electric steam electric iron, should iron first the second half ministry of trousers, the second half department that handgrip trousers uses first when ironing is pulled straight, outstretched after knitting, iron, till the second half ministry of trousers reinstates natural state. Iron again next the before half part of trousers. Iron when ironing, because before half knee share already had bosomy package, if pull trousers straight, before half meeting is corrugate. Should iron from the upside of trousers and bottom first at this moment case, electric iron should be put on trousers gently first, by use vapour switch, the place that makes already wrinkled is answered naturally below the heating power of electric iron shrink. Same method motive at knee place, after bass drum bag turns bongo into the bag, continue to use above method, relapse so, can all restorable, iron whole trousers again finally iron.

Synthetic fibre: Chemical fibber clothings is differred as a result of moisture absorption degree, heat-resisting level is different, accordingly, master iron very hot temperature is crucial, iron very hot method is the same as woollen of other cotton silk basically. Nylon cloth wear-resisting and flexibility is good, but iron very hot temperature shoulds not be tall, should do with one dry cloth so mat iron again very hot. Polyester fibber cloth already wear-resisting does not love to wrinkle again, the air after be being washed so can, need not iron very hot. Because the breed of chemical fibber dress is very much, temperature holds very hard, the first time iron before ironing, can search first not clear position tries inside clothings iron, iron bad with hare.

Linen-cotton cloth: Can measure vapour big. Use commonly iron iron the method inside, if the obverse side is hot,should fill up clean calico. The clothing and other articles of daily use that takes look should iron first inside, temperature cannot exorbitant, lest iron hind glance shine or create extensive lubricious appearance, make clothings fragile caustic. Fabrics of flax and linen-cotton blending cloth need to iron when ironing, electric iron temperature wants low, should iron first in the garment, should fill up cloth to iron very hot, avoid cottony injury clothing and other articles of daily use.

Silk cloth: Because silk dress is fought after catharsis knit function poorer, often produce contract phenomenon, do not iron meeting influence via ironing beautiful, so the silk dress after catharsis must iron very hot. Iron when ironing, temperature wants appropriate, methodological good is become. Want microtherm to iron very hot, electric iron temperature masters in 110 ℃ commonly between one 120 ℃ , temperature makes clothings floats easily high too color, contractive, bate, be out of shape, serious when return meeting attaint clothings. Color is delicate and charming, light weak clothings and temperature of blending silk clothings are returned should again a few lower. Iron when ironing, had not exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, electric iron otherwise snaps mobile seat, do not pass in retention period of a place long. Electric iron does not press silken face directly, should fill up cloth to iron very hot, or iron launder content opposite, prevent to produce aurora. Brand water be soiled, the influence is beautiful with catharsis quality.
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