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Major is engaged in elevator, the CE attestation such as machinery

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My company is place of contact of China of Italian ECS attestation, NO of accredit announcement date: 1793, major is engaged in elevator CE attestation. Since the company holds water, obtain relevant attestation smoothly successfully already for much home company, have rich attestation experience. At the same time famous attestation company and lab maintain we and international close connection and collaboration. Attestation and test range include: Qian imprints agitate of ⒁ of idle of  of ⒒ of ⒌ Jin a huge legendary turtle dregses of rice the professional experience that? of Jian of terpene of θ of buy of ⒀ of float of uncut jade of ど of late of new moon of Wu of rare ⒏ of herd of  of ㄖ of ⒔ of uncut jade float wishs to be abounded by right of us, provide the most excellent service for broad domestic and international client.

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