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Summary: College sports extends training tax is with physical ability the activity quotes education undergraduate to guide a kind of mode of integrated ability and quality, it is a component that gym Cheng system reforms. It broke the educational form that closes since gym is long-term, expand system of college sports course in society and nature, extended the time of gym Cheng and space, reflected a variety of functions of gym Cheng and value, to promoting curriculum of sports of our country college it is important to deepen reform to will arise with far-reaching influence. The article opened the meaning that extends training tax and executive form to build an abecedarian to discuss.
Keyword: College sports; Extend training; Executive strategy
The curricular content that extends training basically has: Extend experience course, regression natural course, challenge ego course, leadership ability course and group construction course. Its basically train a form to go up by water, 3 parts form field and place. Content of the training on water includes: Swim, diving, plunge into balsa, oarage to wait. Field training content includes: Excurse camps, glide of ala of field and mountain-climbing Pan Yan, directional, umbrella, outdoors live skill; Field trains is to be on special training field, use all sorts of training facilities, if wear stringy net high to wait, begin all sorts of groups to combine a variety of psychology such as task and Pan Yan, leap to train an activity.
One, the sense that the college offers sports to extend training tax
1, the development need that gets used to contemporary education
Build it is with the person this educational view, realize education to human nature is changed and teach individuation, executive quality is taught, the thought that makes culture and individual character develop jointly becomes current our country to teach the marked characteristic of reform. Extending training is with physical ability the activity is brought to guide, the course of new-style experience type that is full of sex of ideological content, challenge and interest sex distinctly through the design, use a variety of typical setting and mobile means, let an undergraduate experience a series of test, the perseverance that makes the undergraduate is solving the harden oneself in the problem, process that answers a challenge to overcome difficulty enhances the group consciousness that solidarity cooperates, the person organisms' habits that fosters healthy psychological quality and active enterprising is spent, achieve the curricular goal of health of promotional student body and mind finally. Its education activity is not the teacher sets an example, the student is imitated, however pedagogic organization, him student is finished independently, teaching action is not by engraft inside extroversion come in, however the result that student ego education produces. Reflect by the teacher one-way conductive education process turns to guide for coact of teachers and students, inspire a student to obtain knowledge and the course that get education. Be helpful for arousing study motive of the student, education study interest, mining learns individual character of potential, development, have important sense to promoting the undergraduate's development.
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