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Neuter cleans the comparison with pickling technology

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Pickling technology: 1. Pickling has to the metal corrode action. Operation personnel must be passed groom strictly, if the operation is undeserved, cause the serious damage of equipment easily, discard as useless even. 2. Clean efficiency not tall. Pickling can wash the carbonate in furring only, the difficult dissolve furring that forms to waiting by sulfate, phosphate, silicate is almost invalid. Dirty to sulfate water especially, what abroad uses is EDTA law is cleaned, but the price is high, to sulfate so furring is cleaned cheaply still is blank in the world. 3. Pickling is serious to environmental pollution. After be being cleaned with pickling law, the bases of its waste liquid is opposite content is had strong caustic the inorganic strong acid such as the hydrofluoric acid with high toxicity, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and the poisonous part that discloses by corrosion inhibiter, additive or caustic material. Because price of processing of the waste liquid after pickling is very high, company of our country pickling does not undertake basically to waste liquid handling. 4. Pickling must stop except dirty machine undertake, be at a loss what to do to cannot stopping the equipment of machine. Neuter is cleaned: 1. Acid is not contained in clear lotion, clear lotion keeps neuter, do not have to metallic equipment corrode, use safety. 2. Abluent rate is high. GR - 943 run the spirit that divide dirty to pickling cannot of eliminate of all kinds difficult dissolve furring, have clean the effect admirably, even if the most stubborn sulfate dirty, silicate dirty also can be divided thoroughly clean. 3. Product avirulent, harmless, free from contamination, value of the COD that cleans waste liquid to detect, BOD, PH accords with a country completely to discharge a standard. 4. Use convenient, operation personnel does not need a course to groom technically. 5. Dirty can be divided in be run normally by rinsing equipment, do not affect production.

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