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Visit the case of southeast Asia about inviting a company

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Visit the case of southeast Asia about inviting a company Each concern an unitChief: Current, china - east construction of alliance free-trade area already spread out in the round, bilateral 2007 trading business volume exceeds 200 billion dollar, achieved the commerce goal that bilateral leader advances 3 years ahead of schedule, this indicative China and collaboration of trade of classics of southeast Asia each country entered the new level of a fast, comprehensive, revolutionary development from this, also brought a large number of new business chance to our country enterprise. As China and east alliance is main one of conversational collaboration mechanisms China, east board of alliance business affairs, since holding water 2001, be dedicated to promoting cooperation of bilateral classics trade from beginning to end, signed 2006 " China, east the action that alliance business circles cooperates about accelerating promotional mutual benefit plans " . Should Vietnam, Thailand, Kampuchea is versed in chamber of commerce invites, show China, east square secretariat invites sincerely expensive unit to send a person to visit afore-mentioned the Three Kingdomses in board of alliance business affairs, undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, enterprise of speak or sing alternately negotiates wait for an activity, concerned matters concerned is as follows: One, business chance of the Three Kingdoms Vietnam: Some closer year, rate of Vietnam economy growth is in southeast Asia the head the list in 10 countries, two countries trading business volume is jumped over to grow quickly in, china already became Vietnam the biggest commerce is companionate. Show Vietnam to need Chinese product, equipment and technology, be like: Machinery of textile, mechanical and electrical products, electric power, rolled steel, light industrial tool of goods of product, home appliance product, bicycle, leather and product of mechanical, chemical industry, medicines and chemical reagents, medical apparatus and instruments, plastic products and facility for transporting of mechanical, housing materials, ceramic, traffic, adiabatic deadening, amylaceous machinery, metal fittings. Thailand: Current, chinese company invests directly in Thailand increasing. By the place industry cent is 4 kinds, produce treatment, trade namely, contract project and service kimono Wu kind company. Thailand and Chinese trading business volume reached 34.6 billion dollar 2007, grow 25% compared to the same period, collaboration of bilateral classics trade becomes peaceful in effect is distinct, realized mutual benefit win-win. Kampuchea: Bilateral 2003 trading business volume is only 2 million dollar, and bilateral 2007 trading business volume already reached 900 million much dollar, achieved the commerce goal that bilateral leader reachs 3 years ahead of schedule. Kampuchea rich is rich, chinese enterprise can be managed in card investment, involve dress, electric power, mineral products, hotel, produce and food treatment, building materials, bazaar to wait for a variety of form collaboration.
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